Cruise control, Bluetooth, pdc and Smash and Grab frequently asked questions

GT-installs try to answer cruise control, bluetooth, pdc and smash and grab frequently asked questions to the best of our ability, If you have any other questions about our products then please feel free to contact us via email with your queries.

Q).What is the range of a Bluetooth device?

A). Mobile phones and hands free kits use class 2 Bluetooth which has a range of 10 metres


Q). How long will it take to install a hands free kit in my vehicle?

A). Installation times vary according to what vehicle the kit is being installed into but generally installations take an hour to an hour and half.


Q).Will I require any additional wiring harness for my vehicle stereo?

A). The majority of vehicles now require an audio harness to route the sound from your phone through the vehicles speakers and to mute your vehicle radio. The price of these harnesses vary from R250.00 – R400.00 for a regular non amplified radios. If your vehicle has an externally amplified stereo eg: Harman-Kardon, Bose, Infinity, Rockford Fosgate, Premium Sound then these audio harness’s range from R400 – R1000.00.

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Q). The remote control of my Parrot MKi does not seem to be working.

A). After verifying the CR2032 battery is properly inserted in the remote unit, press and hold the answer, end call and play buttons simultaneously. This has to be done when you see the Parrot MKi logo on the display screen.
Within 1 to 2 seconds, you should then see a
Pairing Remote Control message displayed on the screen. At that time, you can release the buttons and the remote should then be paired with the kit and the message will go away. You can verify remote operation by navigating through the menus.


Q).What is the pin code for my Parrot Bluetooth hands free Kit?

A).The pin code for the Parrot CK3000 Evolution, Parrot CK3100 is: 1234

A).The pin code for the Parrot MKI6000, Parrot MKI6100, Parrot MKI9000, Parrot MKI9100, Parrot MKI9200 and Parrot RKI8400 is: 0000

A).The pin code for the Parrot CK3200 is variable and will be displayed on the display screen of the Parrot CK3200 when you go through the pairing procedure with your phone.


Q).What is the pin code for my Bury CC9060 / Bury CC9060 Music Bluetooth hands free kit?

A).The pin code for the Bury CC9060 is: 1234


Q).What is the pin code for my Novero Bluetooth hands free kit?

A).The pin code for all the Novero Bluetooth car kits is: 0000