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  • For trusted Alpine sound quality and the convenience of built-in Bluetooth Plus wireless technology, the CDE-173BT CD receiver offers just what you need.

    Alpine car radios supplied and installed in Gauteng and Pretoria by GT-installs. We are mobile car sound installers.

  • Cruise control units supplied and installed by GT-installs for 4×4 vehicles and normal sedan cars.

    We do onsite installations of cruise control units.

    You can now enjoy the ultimate driving experience, thrill and comfort of taking your foot off the accelerator pedal and allowing the cruise control to maintain the speed you have selected, while you have complete control over the vehicle at your fingertips. Considering the long distances we travel in South Africa and the associated discomfort resulting from having your body and foot in one position all the time, fitting an AutoCruise is a wise investment. Tests conducted on drivers that use cruise controls confirm that the reduced levels of driving stress result in a more alert, and therefore a safer driver.

    How Cruise control works
    The cruise control system is user friendly, safe and easy to operate. Start the vehicle, accelerate and stabilise the vehicle at the required speed, press “Set” on the command and the cruise control will take over the accelerator control from your foot and ensure that the set speed is maintained. The command allows you to increase or decrease the set speed. Should traffic conditions change, the cruise control can be disengaged by switching the cruise control off or by pressing the “Coast” cruise function on the command or by pressing the brake or clutch. To return to the previous set speed after the unit was disengaged, press the “Resume” button on the command. The minimum engaging speed can be set to meet the customer’s requirements. Normally this is set at 45 km/h.


    Includes 2 x IR headphones

Showing all 3 results