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35% tint

35% window tint

35% tint smash and grab supplied and installed onsite by GT-installs

We are mobile window film installers we do car window tinting as well as  building film.

35% tint is the darkest legal film alowed on a cars front windows, we also tint bakkie canopies with 5% tint

Our most common smash and grab tints are 35%, 100  micron or 150% micron film

We also do 20% film and 50% smash and grab film also in 100 micron or 150 micron

Smash and Grab film is not impenetrable and we cannot guarantee against theft from your vehicle, bodily injury, death, loss of property or damage by forced entry and is only a precautionary measure against possible smash and grab attacks.

Smash and Grab Film will provide protection against criminals and theft in a potential smash and grab attack, it will however help protect occupants from flying glass in the event of an accident. It is also designed to block out the Ultra Violet rays by 99% thus preventing premature fading of your vehicle’s interior.


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  •  35% tint darkness for vehicle window

    The darkest legal limit for window tinting is 35% tint for car windows.

    35% Visual Light Transmission: This percentage is all you need if you are looking for high solar protection.

    It allows in 38% of visible light, blocks out 34% heat and provides 99% UV reduction.

  • Smash and Grab Film is applied to the inside of your cars windows. It limits the risks of your cars windows being broken in the event of a smash and grab attempt or car break-in.

    Anti smash and grab film fitted onsite in Gauteng and Pretoria – We come to you!

    Window tinting prices vary according to vehicle type and location.

    GT-installs  supply and install  quality smash and grab film on vehicle and canopy windows.  The smash and grab tint we supply is available in various shades and thicknesses, providing our customers with just the right look, and right amount of protection to suit your needs.

    Protect the Valuable Goods in your Vehicle

    GT-installs  supply window tinting film that is a  defense against a “smash and grab” attack. Smash and Grab Film  slows down access to the vehicle, and makes it harder for criminals to grab your belongings through your vehicle windows.

    Protect the Occupants in your Vehicle

    Should you be involved in an accident, the Smash and Grab Film will hold the broken glass in one place and protects occupants from flying pieces of glass.

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