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anti smash and grab film installed in Gauteng

Anti smash and grab film installations

Anti smash and grab film installed in Gauteng by our professional car window tinting team.

We offer a range of thicknesses and shades of car window tints for 100 micron to 150 micron thickness films and from 20% tint to 70 % tint.

The darkest legal smash and grab tint in South Africa is 35%  for front windows. We also do window film for canopies which we normally recommend 20% tint.

We also do building window tinting and flat glass tinting.  We install mirror film on building windows.

Please note we require access to electricity for car smash and grab installations. Our GT-installs smash and grab installation team usually takes about 2 hours to install anti smash and grab film on an average size sedan.  Our most common anti smash and grab film shade is 35 % and the most common window film thickness  is 100 micron.

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  •  35% tint darkness for vehicle window

    The darkest legal limit for window tinting is 35% tint for car windows.

    35% Visual Light Transmission: This percentage is all you need if you are looking for high solar protection.

    It allows in 38% of visible light, blocks out 34% heat and provides 99% UV reduction.

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