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Car Alarms

Car alarms and vehicle security systems installed by Autowatch trained technicians. we install level 2 car alarms, level 3 Autowatch car alarms and level 4 alarms and central locking systems.

Vehicle alarms provide a visual and audible theft deterrence as well as the peace of mind that one’s vehicle is secure and armed, especially in the event of remote jamming, to prevent break-in and/or theft of belongings, and vehicle theft.

  • 280RL: This unit is a compact, cost effective alarm with an ultrasonic sensor for interior protection. It includes a built-in bump sensor which provides external protection against theft of wheels (rims), trailers, bikes on racks and even illegal towing. The bump sensor offers dual stage functionality providing audible warning tones should the impact or disturbance be less than the requirement to trigger its full activation.
    • Other features include: on-board central locking relays, ABS OE upgrade alarm, and anti-hijack option.
  • 279RL: The 279RL is an extremely cost effective and compact alarm with built in bump sensor and on-board central locking, with optional selective unlocking which utilises an ergonomically designed two button remote. This unit offers Lock on ignition and Unlock on ignition off, with interior light fading, as well as an early warning option for the alarm trigger.
    • ABS Approval Code: AO-SH/004
  • 277RL: This is a remote activated alarm system with perimeter and interior protection. The 277RL is a stand-alone unit which provides advanced security by means of either an ultrasonic, shock, microwave or glass break sensor. This alarm system does not incorporate an immobiliser but has an immobiliser output with an option of having an anti-hijack system connected.

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Showing all 2 results