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  • Live view Dash cameras for your fleet of vehicles

    Live view dash cameras supplied and fitted by GT-installs

    The MOBI X1 is a powerful Mobile Digital Video Recorder with up to 4 analogue and 1 IP camera. It has mainly been designed for video surveillance to help in fraud prevention, driver training and accountability.

    The MOBI X1 is a powerful Hybrid Digital Video Recorder with all the functionality of a dash cam solution and all the power of mobile video surveillance.

    With MOBIVIEW video and tracking and evidence vault software, you can monitor  your fleets location, live stream video and view video alarms sent to the servers automatically. The MOBI X1 solution supports a wide variety of accelerometer generated events for corrective training and I/O’s that can trigger a video alarm. Apart from alarm video events, video will be continues recorded on the MDVR that can be remotely viewed or downloaded if more information is needed.

    For large fleet deployments and multiple depots we have Mobi-WIFI as managed optimized WIFI infrastructure to maximize performance.

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