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Sonoff wifi

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  • Google Mini Chalk

    • Hands free control over home automation
    • Full audio entertainment
    • Play and stream music
    • Voice Control
    • Voice search functionality
    • Child safe voice audio internet browsing
    • Scheduling, Reminders and appointments
    • Shopping lists
    • Creating Routines to simplify your life

    *Best used with LDNIO 4.4Amp USB Charger

  • Sonoff Light Switches

    Integrate seamlessly into your Google home, controlled by Google assistant from your mobile phone or Google mini. Innovating your home to Life Made Easy by controlling your home with your voice commands. You are able to add any other accessories within the Q range to expand your smart home features. It’s Fully upgradable with no investment loss, easy integration and the widest range of products available. This RF version of the light switch makes it easy to switch your lights on or off with a remote control that can be placed anywhere without cabling.  No need to get out of bed anymore to turn off the lights.

Showing all 2 results