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  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    High / Low pressure warningFast / Slow leakage warningHigh temperature warningLow sensor battery warningSensor failure warningMatch with professional internal sensorsPressure range: 0~116PSI / 0~8.0BarRed rim warning indicatorSingle color LED cigarette lighter plug displayScrolling display shows tyre pressure of all tyres.Sensor preset in factory, no pairing is neededWireless transmission, no wire connection requiredIntelligent sleeping mode for power savingVisual and audible warningHigh temperature and low battery of sensors will be alarmedFixed pressure unit (PSI or Bar)Military sensor battery : Long battery life (>6 years)Sensor with wide range of operating temp (-40°C ~+105°C )

    Prices vary according to vehicle type and location.

    Please contact us for a detailed quotation

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